Our vision


We carry our hearts in the right place. You are not ‘just another client’, and we are not just service providers. We see us as partners in crime. A connection as friends is therefore more relaxed and familiar for each of us.
As photographers and artists, we genuinely want to feel connected with what we create. Emotions drive us, cause the more you allow us in, the more personal and meaningful our pictures can become.


Most important for us is that you can totally be yourself on your wedding day. We don’t like overly staged posings, we catch up the unique moments and don't try to build them.
It is our concern to capture you in the most authentic and personal way. We strive to capture real moments.
Moments of your true self. Be wild, be crazy, be real, be weird, be whatever you feel - as long as you stay you!


When you look at your pictures, we want our pictures to evoke deep emotions in you & remind you of how you felt that day in those unique moments. Your wonderful day will “feel like“ flying by for you, but we want to hold it forever for you. Because pictures are not only for now, they are also for later, for years to come for showing your children and for reminiscing and sharing memories of days past. This is what pictures are for.




"Maaah you two! Soooooo beautiful. NO words can express how happy we are about our pictures and our highlight video! We held hands while watching ... first crying and then laughing. You have managed to capture our second yes-word in a very special way. This is a gift that not everyone has. All these beautiful and funny moments, the emotions and the special moments you have perpetuated for us, so unique. Thank you thank you thank you!!! You are two incredibly nice people and the best photographers!"


"WOW! We are absolutely speechless. The photos and the video are so much better than we ever could’ve imagined. You are the absolute super madness!!! We are totally speechless and cannot even put our feelings into words ... We felt very well and appreciated by you. You gave your heart at our wedding, with all the excitement and then really giving your best! 10000 thank you for these wonderful memories, this awesome video - you really understood what we meant or really understood how we tick, what suits us and how you can make us happy. Much much love!"


"You guys rock!!! You two are the best. We love you and your way of photography. Our pictures arrived just in time for Sam's birthday. We LOVE the photos, especially those from the walk next to the beach. The colors of the pictures are so incredibly beautiful. We cannot believe how lucky we were with you. You have captured such a sweet, young moment of our reunion and we will cherish our photos forever. We could sit here and say thank you again and again until our fingers fall off, but we better leave it, hihi ..."


"We appreciate your openness and creativity. You are real artists, bring your own empathy into your profession and complement each other ideally. The photos show our fulfilled dream! You used full body strength and no effort spared. We are very thankful for your flexibility and that you stayed longer. All this was confirmation for us that we made the right choice with you as our wedding photographers! Thank you again and all the best."


“You two! We intensively used the day yesterday and relived our wedding day, thanks to you. We are really excited about the pictures and the video - just really beautiful. You just have such an incomparable sense of the right moment and emotions. Yesterday we really smiled a lot and also have to cry a bit ;o) You were really everywhere. The day has passed so quickly for us that we are so grateful that you have been there in every moment."


"We opened our love box today full of expectation and were enchanted. Our day was so beautiful and thanks to you we can experience it again! You really made memorable and amazing shots. We love them. From our first meeting until after the wedding you were just perfect. Your style, makes the photos so special, it’s unique. We now have hundreds of photos that we can share with our families and friends, and the best keepsake of our wedding. Many thanks for your great work!!!"


Fernblick wedding at the extravagant designhotel

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