Info & FAQ


1. Where do we live? And can you book us for weddings abroad?

We live in Klagenfurt, accompany couples all over Europe and looking forward to travel to destinations abroad. Amongst others, we accompanied couples in Italy, Spain & Canada and are always looking forward to an adventure with you.

2. Can you meet us personally?

Yes absolutely! We would love to meet you – this is very important to us personally said. We would really like to learn more about you and your important day or vice versa give you the opportunity to get to know us better.  If a personal meeting not possible due to the distance or for reasons of time, we would like to get to know you by virtual means via skype or facetime.

3. Are you coming alone or as a couple to our wedding?

We accompany your wedding always in pairs, so we don’t miss a spontaneous and emotional moment. Our two perspectives unite into a symbiosis, which is perpetuated as sentimental report for your future.

4. What does our package include?

Included are: all your edited images in print- and in web-resolution, and possibly an additional highlight video on USB stick in our high-quality wedding box – lovingly filled with 25 fine art photo prints; plus an additional online gallery of your pictures & the video for your family and friends. All images without watermark and logo.

5. Are all photos edited? And how many photos do you get?

You get the best photos of your wedding day. Depending on the booking time, the number of photos varies. But usually there are between 500 to 1.000 images. Of course, you will receive your pictures in a maximum resolution and additionally in web resolution

6. How much does a wedding attendance cost?

The budget depends primarily on the duration of our work and whether you would like to be filmed as well. Therefore, we would be pleased if you contact us for more detailed price information or individual offers, either by contact form or by phone call.


7. In what time period can you book us?

At your wedding we accompany you from 8 hours. There is no limit to the top. We are also happy to accompany you over several days. During the week (Monday to Thursday), bookings by the hour (such as civil marriage, elopements, couple shoots, portraits, etc.) are also possible.

8. How do we do the photo selection?

We mostly select the photos together. With our eye for emotional moments, we guarantee you a loving selection and compilation.

9. Do you also shoot additional highlight videos of our unique day?

Yes, we also shoot highlight videos of your wedding. This video package is the additional cinematic accompaniment within your booked photo package. Depending on your requirements, the video recordings are part of a small or large package for you.

10. How do we cut your highlight video?

With the same amount of empathy as for your pictures, we lovingly and individually select and put the best pictures together to finally match them with music.

11. Edit-style of the photos? And do you also get black and white pictures?

We edit the photos in natural and warm tones in our typical * Kaya & Clark style *, which can be seen  in all our galleries. Depending on a picture, we usually work out a few black and white prints. These pictures in black and white are always added to the color version.

12. Is the video being edited? And how long will the video last?

Yes, certainly your video will be edited and it will even have the same style as your photos. The length of your video depends on the length of our cinematic accompaniment. Mostly highlight videos are between 2 to 15 minutes.

13. And when do you receive your photos & video?

Right in the week after your wedding, you will receive a small & edited sneak-beak, between 5 and 10 pictures. The entire rest selection and editing of your pictures, as well as the editing of your video can take between 4 and 7 weeks.

14. Do you also shoot with flash?

For weddings, we mainly prefer the natural light. Though, we also use flash units when there is not enough natural light (in the evening at your party for example).

15. Can I order wedding albums from you?

Yes, of course – very much even. We are especially happy when we can make your wedding “touchable”. We offer you the best quality – handmade in a small family business. We are happy to show you personally when getting to know each other or send you a form to overview the albums. The prices vary depending on the album and size. Of course, you do not have to decide on an album right before your wedding.  You could get it as a gift from your friends or give it as a present on your first wedding anniversary ;o)

16. When should we book / request you at the latest?

Popular dates are already booked for many weeks and months beforehand. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us as long as possible in advance. But do not hesitate to ask us for short-term appointments.

17. How do we book you?

To book us, please use the contact form, send us an e-mail to hi@kayaandclark.com or call us now. We will check if your appointment is still available and contact you as soon as possible. After your commitment, you will receive your offer and confirm your booking with your signature and a deposit of 30% of the total price.

18. What is your diet on our wedding day?

It would be great if you could please plan a meal for us too. We work with the utmost dedication and that requires a lot of energy, which we can restore through a warm meal. We eat pure vegetable and appreciate it very much, if there is something vegan for us to eat. But we do not need “extra wishes” – potatoes, vegetables and a mixed salad are perfect. We always eat at the same time with you and your wedding guests, please on any place, where we can be flexible.