Let’s Grow!

Yeah, we are very glad that you are here.
Being a photographer/videographer is so much fun and incredibly rewarding. A job you love is not really a job, that’s a vocation…a dream. For 7 years now we are full time photographers and live our dream. During this time, we learned a lot, changed our editing aesthetics and workflow several times. We participated in workshops and even re-branded ourselves. Do not ask how much effort it was to change of our own brand, our logo, our name, etc. No, just kidding, please feel free to ask us in any case! We will gladly explain how to find your own brand from the beginning on, not having to re-brand later, so that your creative souls are fulfilled.

We are pleased to help you with tips and tricks to your success. That means, whether you are just getting started and want to learn, or you are at a point where you no longer know. Maybe you just need some encouragement. These are the following mentoring sessions for you. Together, we treat all topics necessary for you to design your business, to simplify your workflow and to give you more free time (work-life-balance).

Here are some topics for the sessions:


  • Which equipment do we use and why
  • Work with existing light
  • How do you make couples let themselves fall and notpose
  • Take authentic and emotional pictures and videos
  • How do we process our pictures and videos
  • What do you find of your own editing style
  • Many Lightroom, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro tricks


  • Constructive evaluation of your homepage
  • How do you design your website best
  • Blogging – and why it matters so much
  • Advertising – which makes sense
  • Cooperations
  • Instagram and Co.


  • Set your goals
  • Find your niche and your own style
  • How do you create your own brand
  • What steps are to be taken with a rebranding
  • The power of specialization. Why do you run away with too many areas in the fog
  • Reach your dream couple and be booked by them
  • Pricing and/or package creation. How do you determine the value of your work


  • Workflow – and how to find time for you, your family & friends
  • E-mails and interactions
  • Contracts and Conditions

Mentoring Session - EUR 250.00/ h

This session is a relaxed and open conversation between you and us, where we talk about all the things you care about your business. As full-time photographers we know the ups and downs of the business, as well as the many small additional tasks that often rob us of the time. Over the years, we have learned that a harmonious work-life balance is essential and we effectively balance both areas through effective goals.
The most productive way is to focus on 2 to 3 points out of the main topics that we can then treat in more detail. Please inform us about this topic in the contact form below. So we can prepare in advance for your session and thereby use the entire time most efficiently. In addition, there may still be plenty of time left for side questions that will surely arise in the course of the session. Take your own laptop, notepad and your photo equipment with you to the session.
If you are not from the area of Vienna or Klagenfurt and the session is therefore not possible face-to-face. No problem, we can skype or facetime too.
* You want to know more? 3h Mentoring Session for a special price of EUR 650,00

2h Lightroom incl. Photoshop Tricks - EUR 400,00

Do you want to learn hints on how to speed up your workflow and optimize your work? This 2-hour session will be created by you in the whole and of course you can ask questions, both for Lightroom, as well as for Photoshop. Coming from the international fashion industry, we have been professionals for more than 10 years in both image editing tools. You're probably already familiar with the basics, because we'll tell you further more tips and tricks for your daily, professional and effective workflow. We use the power tool Lightroom to 95% for selections and image development, work with the area repair and the correction brush.
And Photoshop will be used by us if we need the image editor for simple to more difficult image manipulation. So, for a perfect skin retouching, extended content-based image excerpts to the exchange of body parts and morphings.
Ideally, please take your laptop with the already installed program or programs with you, as well as your own pictures. Incidentally, both Lightroom and Photoshop have trial versions to download.
* Want to learn a deeper mix of one or both tools in the workshop? No thing! 3h one-on-one session Lightroom and Photoshop is available for a special price of EUR 550, -

4h Live Workshop incl. Photoshooting - EUR 800,00

There is no "pack shoot" here! This is your personal individual workshop in Vienna - or outside, based on our travel plan.
For 2 hours we will show you in a place outdoors with a real pair of lovers (as "models"), how we apply natural posing techniques and make authentic pictures with the available lighting conditions and the environment. During the shoot you will get enough opportunities to take pictures yourself. The best part is, you get feedback directly from us. In between feel free to ask questions. How we let our couples to let go and have fun; about the camera settings, how to deal with the sun and everything else that is important in a shoot.
While enjoying a cup of coffee we talk for 2 hours about anything that you are interested in. We are an open book for you and answer all the questions that have arisen from the live shooting. We also like to talk about all topics related to photography and the business of wedding photography. If you want take your own laptop with you, we directly upload your taken images and edit them together.
* Upgrade to a 2-hour photo shoot with a couple in wedding attire plus 1 additional hour of after-session for another EUR 300.00